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Whiteflies are very difficult to deal with

Whiteflies are a huge threat for many vegetables, flowers and houseplants. They lay their eggs under the leaves of the plant, increasing their numbers very rapidly. Each whitefly can lay up to 500 eggs, from which their larvae are born. The larvae and the whiteflies themselves are feeding by sucking on the plants juices, leaving their toxic saliva behind thus greatly damaging your plants.

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A look from the groundOur extermination specialists at  We Kill Pest Control Services Fort Lauderdale, FL have a lot experience in whiteflies pest control. We understand the need to react as quickly as possible and with a high level of professionalism when dealing with this particular insect. Whiteflies are very difficult to deal with, as their extermination requires special combination of methods. Pesticides alone will not be enough, because whiteflies develop resistance to them very fast, thus rendering ones efforts worthless. Pest control is what we at We Kill Pest Control Services do best, so if you are from Fort Lauderdale, FL, call us at anytime, and we will gladly help you deal with your whiteflies problem, and help you prevent new attacks.


Keep in mind that you may not know your plants are attacked by whiteflies until it is too late. The whitefly is only active during the night, and is hiding under the leaves during daytime, so it may be difficult to notice them from the beginning. The best way to control this pest is to call We Kill Pest Control Services beforehand, so we can prevent the whiteflies from ever coming to your plants.

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