Dec 04

Which Are the Most Popular Types of Bees and How to Eliminate Them

Bee Control Tips and Recommendations from a Well-Known Local Exterminator

Although bees are considered harmless insects as long as they are not irritated, they can become a real nuisance if you do not make the effort to book an exterminator who can help you move them to another territory, distant from your property. If you are not sure whether you have to deal with bees or wasps, you’d better read this post prepared by our bee control team, as it will tell you more about the two most common types of bees that you may encounter near your home in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

  1. A picture of a bee on a flowerCarpenter bee. Thе size of this insect varies from ?” to 1” which makes it much larger than the honey bee, and, of course, its colors are dark yellow and black. They prefer to nest in unpainted weathered wood and are often seen to enter yard fences or hoover around the eaves of local residential properties. They are not as harmful as most people think. Even when they settle in wood constructions around your home, if they are not a large colony, they cannot cause any structural damage. As for your personal safety, do not worry. Even though the male ones are aggressive, they never sting.
  2. Honey bee. Its size is about ?” and it is yellow and dark brown. These bees look hairy which makes them easy to distinct from the carpenter ones. They can be seen most commonly to hoover around flowers in order to collect pollen which they need for the honey production. Tree cavities and rock formations are their favorite nesting places. Typically, honey bees are not aggressive unless disturbed or they feel that someone is threatening the entire colony. Their sting can provoke severe allergic reactions, so be careful when around them.

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