Aug 28

Garden Infested With Insects?

Need the Help of a Good Pest Control Expert?

In the pest control field, competition is getting ridiculous. Making it very difficult for people to find out which company is the best, and which is average. Trying it out for themselves and feeling at ease, or feeling totally cheated.

Whiteflies are pests, and are a common problem in most households these days. You could try to control them yourself, however, I would suggest you call in your local pest control expert. They have the knowledge and experience for whiteflies pest control in your garden.

Whiteflies on a blue carpetWhiteflies are pests that may become a big problem for your garden. Their feeding not only damages your plants, they can also carry viruses to the rest of your plants.

Adult whiteflies look like tiny moths, and have a covering of a white waxy like powder. They’re no more than 1-3 millimeters long, and are almost always found on the underside of leaves.

Grown females lay their eggs in the leaf tissue of a plant. A tiny larva hatches out, and begins to feed on this leaf. Whilst feeding, a sticky waste substance comes out of the insect. This liquid sticks to the leaves, providing the perfect environment for sooty mold to start and grow. Sooty mold is black and eventually covers leaves and stems.

After growing, the larvae enters a pupal stage, becoming mature, eventually emerging as winged adults.

Observation can go a long way with spotting these pesky insects. Spraying with insecticidal soaps, or oils, when the whiteflies are in their early stage, may give you a much higher kill ratio, than other life stages.

However, a piece of important advice.You can easily burn leaves using horticultural soaps and oils. These products need to be applied at a cool temperature. Ensure your plants are well watered before you apply treatment, never attempt to spray a wilted plant. Read all labels, making sure your site is listed. Following labeled instructions implicitly, this will also reduce the risk of leaf damage. Sometimes more is not better. Try to ensure that there are no other insects present when you spray, as insecticides can kill the good guys, too.

Or if this is just too complicated, call in an expert pest control service.

Make sure that a whiteflies control expert, uses an environmentally friendly product to control this pest.

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