Nov 24

A Homeowner’s Guide to Controlling Whiteflies

Do You Need the Services of an Exterminating Specialist in Order to Get Rid of Whiteflies?

Unfortunately, in Fort Lauderdale, FL whiteflies can be quite often unwelcomed guests in the outdoor oasis of your back yard. In order to help you protect your yard from their infestation and allow you to enjoy the outdoors while relaxing in your garden, our exterminating team has decided to share with your some tips on how to quickly and efficiently get rid of any whiteflies infestations on the territory of your property.

They are a growing problem among the local community because:

  • They are able to damage a wide variety of local tree and plant species.
  • They feed on trees, introducing toxic saliva and causing major damage because of that.
  • Transmit some serious plant-damaging diseases.

The key of getting rid of these tiny insects

  1. Recognizing their presence in your yard. In order to exterminate these pests before they cause any major damage to your garden, it is really important to be able to identify the first signs of their settlement. Some typical signs are: stunted plant growth, yellowing leaves and leaf drop. Other, less common signs are:
    – White, wooly wax in spiral patterns on the underside of the leaves.
    – A sticky substance covering the leaves, known as “Honeydue”.
    – Dark, soothy mold on the leaves of certain plants in your yard. This mold often spreads from the leaves to other areas around them.
  2. Make sure to get the right treatment against whiteflies. It is a good idea to consult an extermination specialist about the right method of extermination for your garden. Your top 3 options are: to treat the bark and spray the foliage, to drench the roots of your plants, or to inject their trunks with a green insecticide.
  3. Call an insect exterminating specialist. A professional inspection from a contractor who knows his business is always a good idea. There are many local pest control companies that offer this type of service. We Kill Pest Control Services is one of the most reliable ones and offers budget-friendly rates that you will like. To learn more about the infestation extermination services that we offer, call us at (954) 962-7847!